HAF Wind Energy Project
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Renewable Energy Approval Process, Timeline and Documents
The proposed HAF Wind Energy project is subject to Ontario Regulation 359/09 Renewable Energy Approval; (REA) under part V.0.1 of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act and is seeking a Renewable Energy Approval from the Ministry of Environment. This section will provide up to date information about the status of environmental studies as well as stakeholder and public consultation activities. You will find links to all the draft and completed study reports for your review and comments. This page will be updated from time to time as new information becomes available. Everyone interested in this project is encouraged to visit this page frequently.

Project Description Report fish_habitat
Project Map
Public Open House
Open House2
REA Update Landuse Map
REA_2013 Instrument Decision Notice EBR  

Environmental Assessment
Cultural Heritage
Natural Heritage
Terrestrial Eco System
Aquatic Eco system
Fish Habitat
Noise Assessment
Land Owners and Public
Township and Regional Staff
Provincial and Federal Ministries
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Culture
Indian and Northern Development
First Nations and Aboriginals
Utilities, emergency services and
At least 850 individuals and organizations
Turbine model
Construction Plan
Design and Operation Plan
Decommissioning Plan
Overall appearance and design of

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