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Vineland Power Inc.



Vineland Power Inc. (VPI) was formed in 2009 by long‐time friends and business associates Martin Langbroek, Larry Dykstra and Darrell Boer, residents and successful business men in Niagara.

After successfully navigating the initial development stages for the HAF wind project and obtaining a power purchase ageement through Ontario's Feed-in-Tariff program, Vineland Power Inc. decided to bring in partners to diversify and strengthen the project team. The HAF Wind Energy project and Vineland Power Inc. is now owned by a partnership between Loeffen Farms and Rankin Construction Inc. maintaining the local ownership of the project while introducing considerable benefits to the project and the community.

This team contains extensive agricultural, construction, development and environmental knowledge and experience as well as a local perspective looking to do what is best for the region where they work and live.

Please follow the links below to learn more about each member of our project team and the contributions they bring to this project.


Project Owners, Long Term Local Niagara Farming Family

In 2009 the Loeffen brothers:   John, Harold and the late Bill formed Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. to develop a wind project on thier farm in the township of Wainfleet. While this project would represent their first foray into the field of power generation, the Loeffen family has a long history of successfully diversifying and employing technology to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

Since its establishment in the early 1950’s, Loeffen Farms Ltd. has grown from a relatively small family farm business into a diversified and profitable company.  Loeffen Farms Ltd. employs several full time and part time staff as well as seasonal workers.  Loeffen Farms Ltd. was the first in North America to implement European technology that fully automated waste management systems, saving considerable manpower while meeting stricter European processing standards.

A dedication to agricultural-based business and an ongoing commitment to environmental and ecological innovation has led to the development of Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. and now to their participation in Vineland Power Inc. as well.   As supporters of “green energy” and renewable resources, the Loeffens maintain a commitment toward sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.  With strong roots in agriculture, the Loeffen family knows the importance of agricultural land and will show how renewable power can be an valuable tool in keeping Ontario's farms in production with a negligible footprint on the land.

Rankin Construction

Project Partner and Experience Wind Farm Constructor

Rankin Construction Inc. is an Ontario company, based out of St. Catharines, that has served this province since 1978 through a wide range of complex heavy civil projects integral to Ontario's infrastructure. Over more than 40 years Rankin has developed a reputation for integrity, quality of workmanship and innovation through its highway, road and sewer work and also in more complex marine work, bridges and renewable energy projects. These qualities have resulted in the long-term relationships Rankin has with their satisfied clients.

In 2002 Rankin built the roads and foundations for the first wind farm in Ontario and has since constructed fourteen wind farms using Vestas, GE and Enercon turbines on both deep and shallow foundations. Rankin also has valuable power development experience, working with the Regional Municipality of Niagara on a 10MW wind project and successfuly developing, constructing and operating three 2.0MW Hydro Electric stations along the Welland Canal.

Rankin is privileged to be able to join the Loeffen family and IPC Energy as part owners of Vineland Power Inc. and to have the opportunity to bring the first wind farms to Niagara. The local ownership and reasonable scale of this project make it an ideal project for a region of ontario known for it roots in the harnessing of renewable energy. This project allows Niagara to further harness its abundant natural resources while providing the maximum local benefit.

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