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HAF Wind Energy Project
The HAF Wind Energy Project is located in the township of West Lincoln in the Niagara Region of south‐western Ontario. The project is located south of the community of Tweedside, west of the community of West Lincoln and east of the community of Woodburn. The environmental studies were conducted over an area of 4800 hectares and all the project components are located on privately‐owned agricultural lots within the study area. The topography of the area is open flat land with an elevation of 190m to 197m. The energy collection system runs underground along the newly constructed access roads as well as public road right of ways. All wind turbines are located on open agricultural fields and respect all setbacks from residences, natural heritage, water and other features as required under the REA.
  Project Updates:

Project Complete: Commercial Operation (June 2014)
Construction: Commissioning and Site Cleanup (April -June 2014)
REA: Amendment Application (March 2014)
Construction: Collector System Installation (Dec 2013 - Mar 2014)
Construction: Turbine Commissioning (Nov - Dec 2013)
Construction: Turbines erection complete (Nov 5 2013)
Construction: All turbine components shipped to site (20/09/13)
Construction: Start of erection of turbines (17/09/13)
Construction: Start of foundation construction (25/07/13)
Permiting: Building permits recieved (24/07/13)
Construction: Start of entrance installation (17/07/13)
Permiting: Entrance permits recieved (17/07/13)
Construction: Construction trailer delivered to site and start of construction of private roads (09/07/13)
REA I3 (1) (2): Pre-Construction monitoring studies submitted to MOE (08/07/13)
REA J4 & J5: Emergency Response Plan posted on website (05/07/13)
REA A7: 10 days notice of start of construction provided to MOE (28/06/13)
REA A3 (2): Copy of REA submitted to West Lincoln Clerk and Niagara Region Clerk (21/06/13)
REA A4: Renewable Energy Approval (REA) and appliction documents on website (20/06/13)
REA J1: Traffic Managment Plan provided to township (18/06/13) and to Niagara Region (18/07/13)
REA I3 (1) (2): Pre-Construction monitoring studies completed April - July 2012


Quick Facts
Project Size 9MW
Wind Turbines
5 Vestas V100-1.8MW
Hub Height 95m
Rotor Diameter 100m
Estimated Power Generation 26 million KWh per year
Estimated Homes powered
by this project
Estimated Green house
gas reduction per year
14000 tons
Status of REA Renewable Energy Approval Recieved
  Project Documents:

Emergency Response Plan

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