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Renewable Energy Approval : Second Public Meeting REA Documents
The proposed Wainfleet Wind Energy project is subject to Ontario Regulation 359/09 Renewable Energy Approval; (REA) under part V.0.1 of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act and has obtained a Renewable Energy Approval from the Ministry of Environment. This page provides the project studies in separated files for ease of reference and for those with slower internet connections

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Renewable Energy Approval (Oct 7 2013)

REA Instrument Decision Notice

Project Overview Documents

- Project Description Report
- Maps and Figures | Study Area | Site Plan | Land Use |

Technical Reports

- Wind Turbine Specifications Report
- Construction Plan Report
- Design and Operations Report
- Decommissioning Plan Report
- Safety Study of the Potential Effect of Wainfleet Wind Energy Project on Burnaby Skydiving Operations
- Preliminary Turbulence Intensity and Wind Analysis at the Proposed Wainfleet Wind Project

Cultural Studies

- Cultural Heritage Assessment Reports
- Archaeological Assessment Report

Environment Studies

- Natural Heritage Assessment Report
- Environmental Impact Study Report
- Environmental Effects Monitoring Plan for Birds and Bats
- Water Assessment Report
- Noise Assessment Report (March 2013 Update)


- Consultation Report (July 2012, 65MB)
- Addendum Aboriginal Consultation (Aug 2012, 2.2MB)

Operations Documents

- Emergency Response Plan

Environmental Assessment
Cultural Heritage
Natural Heritage
Terrestrial Eco System
Aquatic Eco system
Fish Habitat
Noise Assessment

Land Owners and Public
Township and Regional Staff
Provincial and Federal Ministries
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Culture
Indian and Northern Development
First Nations and Aboriginals
Utilities, emergency services and
At least 850 individuals and organizations

Turbine model
Construction Plan
Design and Operation Plan
Decommissioning Plan
Overall appearance and design of

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